In the 1970s, shoes had become more fashionable.
RABOKIGOSHI started to act as a leader within that time frame. Shoes were made under the consciousness of trends then, but it's not as "brand". RABOKIGOSHI was in the forefront of the shoes brand, we placed shoes in total fashion and make a plan and design based on a clear concept.
In the beginning, we didn't have our own factory, but had a planning ability and could produce and sell our brand. We were called "Planning wholesaler".Currently, we have our own factory, speciality stores all over Japan, and own sections in famous departmentstores.
We manufacture and sell our shoes as a 100% original brand.
RABOKIGOSHI has been pursuing fashion of shoes since its establishment.
Shoes are just a part of fashion, but they're very different from clothes.They have their own manufacturing process.
We, at RABOKIGOSHI, are particular about the uniqueness of shoes with fashion; that is to say, the structure of shoes. We are committed to doing our best each and every step of the way to make shoes, though there are several dozen steps. Every step has meaning. Thus, checking up on each part's quality is important.
For instance, to fit one's foot is one of necessary condition. It's closely related to how to fit the foot into a heel to definitely catch our heel pad and the part's quality.
This is just one example. The heel, sole, etc. are all parts of shoes which have meanings to allow shoes to remain consistent.
It is our feeling to pursue the meanings and at the same time, it is our philosophy to pursue the fashion. Hence fashion that has a sense of existence as shoes is born.


Design and Functionality are the important factors in creating shoes.
However, to focus on functionality lacks design. Meanwhile, to focus on design lacks functionality. As for designing shoes, these two factors are inconsistent.
SAYA strikes a balance between design and functionality. SAYA's concept is "to design functionality". Shoes are tool for walking. First, we select carefully and decide material which is to fulfill the function and manufacturing method.Then, we create designs which make the best use of material and manufacturing methods.
SAYA's shoes offer you a comfortable walking experience and allow you to be dressed beautifully.


“Walking” is an essential element to constitute life stage for modern women. *RABOKIGOSHI works* refines that scene. "Walking" is fusion of “intelligence” and "acting power". The keyword which expresses “intelligence” is "Authentic". "Authentic" still exists, it's because it is the proof of the working of intelligence.
“Acting power” is the indication of present vogue “Mode”. *RABOKIGOSHI works* expresses modern women's intelligence through the sensation of mode and changes the shoes into dynamic intelligence.


RABOKI COLLECTION is our private label exclusively offering only “Made in Japan” products. In order to produce high quality products, we believe in closely overseeing all aspects of the design and production domestically to ensure every phase of production meets the highest standards. We create unique everyday items focusing on quality material, attention to detail, and colors with playful and unconventional designs.
RABOKI Collection’s intriguing products are free from old concepts and produced in collaboration with like-minded designers and brands. Rabokigoshi offers this label for people who care for their own styles with a sense of fun.